Demo by Katie Gable

  • Pick your meats – summer sausage, salty meats like prosciutto/salami
  • Pick your cheeses – a mixture of soft and hard cheese or take the easy route & buy the pre-cut cheese trays
  • Pick your salty sides – salted nuts, olives, pickled vegetables like okra or pickles
  • Pick your sweets – strawberries, grapes, oranges, dried mangos
  • Crackers – assortment of any kind
  • Dipping Sauces – mustard, bbq sauce, honey

When you select food for your board, choose foods with colors that compliment each other. For example, you don’t want too much red or green – pick some yellow/orange cheeses or fruits to help break things up.

Grab some parchment paper and lay it over your board. Use a marker to draw where the bowls for your sauces will go. Then draw where you plan to arrange your food on the board. (Remove the parchment paper and use it as a plan to go by so that you don’t run out of room on your board).

I love the way it looks when things are placed diagonally starting at one corner and working across!

You can add some wow to your board by making a “meat flower”. Overlap pieces of salami, pepperoni, etc. around the rim of a glass. Keep overlapping the meat until you have several layers – similar to the petals of a flower. Then remove the glass and place the meat flower on your board.

Keep any extra food you have to replenish the board, as needed, if you’re serving a large group.

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